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Non-Woven Fabric Backing
DescriptionCoated on one side with medical grade hypoallergenic acrylic adhesive. Soft and high air permeability backing offers best conformability. Special hypoallergenic adhesive features with non-allergenic, easy to peel off and no residue after use.ApplicationFor holding surgical dressings, protection wounds, and etc.
Power Max Sports Tape
Power Max Sports Tape can help you to relax the overused muscles after workout or exercise, so it can get you right back to the normal life without suffering sore muscle pain. In addition, if you apply the tape before exercising, it can even enhance your performance without limiting your range of motion and reduce the chances of sports injuries.
Protection Label
Protection Label Description Consists of a premium quality ultra-destructible vinyl film backing. Application For temper-proof labels of important document letters



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Avatack Co. Ltd. is a professional adhesive material manufacturer. With strong commitment in innovation, we position ourselves as a global adhesive material supplier, with cost-effectiveness and superior product quality. We locate in Asia-Pacific region, with 33 sites of manufacturing, processing, and representative offices in Taiwan, China, as well as, East-Asia, and market our products to worldwide customers. With core technology of polymerization and precision coating, we provide total solution to our customers. our products have been wildly used across industries, including automobile, electronic, medical, food, construction, consumer industries and etc.

We have professional production lines and advanced equipments, superior product quality, stability in delivery, and certified by prestigious international institutions, such as UL, CSA, JIS, and etc. We commit to environmental protection, with fully dedication to establishing environmental friendly manufacturing process and resource conservation in order to make the earth a sustainable environment. We are the first institution in private sector to pass ISO 14064-1 Greenhouse Gas (GHG) Verification by Bureau of Standards, Metrology & Inspection, M.O.E.A., R.O.C. in 2009. We received energy award in 2010. Corresponding to the global warming issues, we formulate the strategy of effective carbon reduction, and put into actions of resource optimization. Furthermore, we received carbon footprint verification statement from Industrial Development Bureau, Ministry of Economic Affairs.


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